I am sure everyone is absolutely sick of Swamp updates that don't fix the bugs, 
lol, well I hope this will break the terrible chain of failures!  I finally 
started monitoring the right thing and I got some answers.  In the event of 
rounding errors or bad messages sent from either the client or server, each are 
designed to dump the garbage parts of the message.  If everything is working 
it's rare that either should even have to use this feature, but it's in there 
just for the sake of added reliability.  So I just felt like monitoring that to 
see if anything junk was being filtered out, expecting to maybe see a random 
digit or character float by, if anything at all.  Lo and behold, pages upon 
pages of stuff started filling my log!  

Back when I increased the number of zombies I was also planning to increase the 
number of items to find around the map.  I changed my mind on that but 
apparently I had left a piece of code in there that was requesting the 
additional items.  Since the client and server disagreed about the number to 
expect, those extra messages were being flagged as garbage and being filtered 
out.  The problem is, good messages were being filtered out as well!  When the 
trash was dumped it was dumping everything sent in that message.

I've corrected that problem and even added to the filter code just in case this 
happens again.  Instead of dumping everything, it will more closely examine 
what parts are trash and which are good.  Right away the garbage log dropped 
down to absolutely nothing at all, which is what I expected at the beginning.  
I bought some items and everything worked fine, so I'm really really hoping 
this solves everything finally!

The main file upload will take another 30 minutes or so, but if you already 
have version 1.4b then there's no need to waste time downloading the larger 
file anyway.  Just download this small patch file and you will be updated to 
version 1.5b.

Changes from version 1.4b to 1.5b

- Found and fixed a message leak in the transfer between the client and server. 
 This was causing them both to ocassionally miss entire messages and therefore 
caused bugs ranging from the 0,0 spawning bug, all of the way to the reputation 

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