Thank you Dan.  I think programming is tricky to first pick up, but you have to 
force yourself to approach it in a certain way.  Many people get some game or 
project idea in their head and then begin learning programming with that idea 
driving them.  Believe it or not, I think that's the wrong approach!  This 
would be a little like approaching a role playing game knowing you really want 
to reach the 3rd dungeon.  If you kept that idea in your head, you would end up 
skipping things and pushing forward probably without even realizing it.  Once 
you arrived in the dungeon, you'd be ill equipped, very low in level, and too 
weak to last long down there.

When you learn to program, keep those ideas out of your head and simply worry 
about the individual pieces you're presented with.  When you learn about 
variables, make variables your world.  Brainstorm ways you can use them, but 
don't let your brain wander out to things you don't yet know!  Because you 
won't know much yet, your brainstorming will be a short session rofl!  Then 
whatever tutorial you're using will probably explain loops.  Make those your 
world, but allow yourself to also think about variables since you've already 
learned that.  Block out everything you haven't covered yet so that you're 
slowly adding new pieces to this new world of programming.  Each time a new 
concept is added, it will broaden your view and give you more freedom to 
brainstorm how these pieces could be arranged to complement each other.  People 
with this attitude are generally the ones excited about simple "Hello world" 
programs, because in their very small world that might
 represent a big accomplishment.  People who have their mind set on some future 
goal look at those things as a complete waste of time.

So if we get back to the role playing game analogy, taking your time and 
handling each new concept only as it comes, is like a player who has explored 
every room and battled every monster as he went.  Things were done thoroughly 
and you gained both equipment and experience to level you up.  You still get to 
the same 3rd dungeon as the other player, but you arrive fully equipped and 
twice as strong.  Now that player struggles to do anything down there, while 
you easily clear it out and move on to even better things.

That's just my opinion on it though.  :)

> wow Jeremy, as I may have said
> before, you work like a machine!
> you chopped and redid half the server code already? 
> now i admit
> that's something i've never had to do, but i thought that'd
> take...a
> while? :D
> Anyways, i'm planning on giving this a go some time
> tonight.  its
> people like you who really encourage me to start learning
> programming.
>  well that and I find it fascinating, however i'm just a
> bit lost at
> the moment.  I'll keep trying to get to grips with the
> terms and such
> though, no matter how hard it ends up being.

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