So for all those who haven't been all that into fighting games, or those who 
recently joined the sceen, or even those who have been playing them for a long 
time... this is a great read. Just shows you how much is really behind these 
games. I know a lot of people disregard Street Fighter, Tekken, etc as being 
simple, and fighting games don't have much behind them. Here's an article that 
gives a glimpse as to just how much of a story there is behind them.
Having read all this, let me say tfor all those who've been keeping track of 
posts to the lists about fighters and hearing about all these complex things, 
it isn't necessary to spend all your time with fighting games  to get good... a 
lot of people play these for fun. If you get a fighting game, it doesn't mean 
you have to spend hundreds of hours learning every single mechanic... unless 
you want to be a tournament-level player. I know that I play fighters almost 
exclusively, other than Rock band and the occasional hack and slash, but I 
don't go research how many frames of animation an attack takes to come out... I 
take them more seriously than some people, but only because I find a lot to do 
with my brain when it comes to fighters. Well, that and so whenever I get to 
play Yohandy I don't get my rear end handed to me. :P Enjoy the read!
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