For me, I tend not to use the rapid fire unless I'm being absolutely swarmed by 
zombies.  The moment I hear a few bullets impact the stronger zombies, I know 
it will take far too many shots just to kill them and that's without even 
shooting at all the others who are yet to be identified.  These are the times 
I'll switch to burst and do as much damage as I can.  I completely agree that 
burst mode against weak zombies is a quick way to waste ammo, but it's also the 
fastest way to take down the really strong ones.  I guess that just makes it 
better based on the situation, which is good because it lets players have a 
reason to switch.

> I wonder if rapid fire really helps.
> True that it will take a shorter time to kill stronger
> zombies, but that also mean you use more than enough bullets
> on weaker ones. more misses = more frequent reload. I find
> that it only works with M60 which holds more bullets.
> I like to face this type of situation. haha! As i fire, i
> retreat. this gives me a bit more space and time to switch
> weapons or recoil if need to.
> 锦发/Steady Goh

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