At 10:09 PM 7/8/2002 -0600, Hans Fugal wrote:

>The GDM calls for a sequence number on each place-part of a place, and
>an ordering scheme of the place-parts of a place. With XML order matters
>(unless we say it doesn't) so I see no need for a sequence number; it is

I am a retired programmer/analyst. I started programming in 1965 and 
retired in 1999. This morning I'm on my way to the North San Diego 
Genealogical Assn. computer sig meeting in Carlsbad, CA  so I'm taking a 
chance on my senior memory.

At the risk of introducing myself by misremembering, I thought that the 
sequence numbers for place-parts represented geographic levels.

Something like 1-country, 2-state, 3-county, 4-city, 5-neighborhood.

For example: 1-USA, 2-CA, 3-Riverside, 4-Hemet; or 1-USA, 2-CA, 4-Hemet are 
both representations of the city of Hemet with and without Riverside county 

I may be confused with some other spec, but if my memory is right then 
"level" numbers matter.

John Harvey

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