Thanks for the heads up, John. I checked the spec; the sequence number
is "The number that keeps the PLACE-PARTs in order, either ascending or
descending (or in no order)." Place-part has a place-part-type-id which
specifies whether this part is a city, county, etc.  So as I understand
it the sequence matters, but not the number assigned to the sequence.
I'm suggesting leaving off the numbers and relying on the order of the
elements in the XML document. i.e.

    <place-part type="city">Salt Lake City</place-part>
    <place-part type="county">Utah</place-part>
    <place-part type="state">Utah</place-part>
    <place-part type="country">United States of America</place-part>

instead of

    <place-part sequence-number="1" type="city">Salt Lake City</place-part>
    <place-part sequence-number="2" type="county">Utah</place-part>
    <place-part sequence-number="3" type="state">Utah</place-part>
    <place-part sequence-number="4" type="country">United States of 

Have fun at the conference!
Hans :)

* John Harvey [Tue,  9 Jul 2002 at 07:39 -0700]
> At 10:09 PM 7/8/2002 -0600, Hans Fugal wrote:
> >The GDM calls for a sequence number on each place-part of a place, and
> >an ordering scheme of the place-parts of a place. With XML order matters
> >(unless we say it doesn't) so I see no need for a sequence number; it is
> >implied.
> I am a retired programmer/analyst. I started programming in 1965 and 
> retired in 1999. This morning I'm on my way to the North San Diego 
> Genealogical Assn. computer sig meeting in Carlsbad, CA  so I'm taking a 
> chance on my senior memory.
> At the risk of introducing myself by misremembering, I thought that the 
> sequence numbers for place-parts represented geographic levels.
> Something like 1-country, 2-state, 3-county, 4-city, 5-neighborhood.
> For example: 1-USA, 2-CA, 3-Riverside, 4-Hemet; or 1-USA, 2-CA, 4-Hemet are 
> both representations of the city of Hemet with and without Riverside county 
> information.
> I may be confused with some other spec, but if my memory is right then 
> "level" numbers matter.
> John Harvey
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