Yes, it does seem that your suggestion reduces redundancy
without sacrificing search capability.

Hans Fugal wrote:

>But then you have to store call-numbers possibly many times. For
>example, a professional researcher would doubtless perform many searches
>in any particular US Census. For that Census the repository, source, call
>number and description would all be the same for every repository-source
>record. The only unique information in each record would be the
>activity-id. Yet if we take out the activity-id from repository-source
>we get rid of that redundancy. AFAICS there is no loss of querying power
>when we do so - search has all three keys, so if you want to know which
>searches you did on a particular call-number, you only have to query the
>search table with the repository-id and source-id.  Or am I still
>missing something?

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