Le 20/12/2011 19:18, Colomban Wendling a écrit :
> Le 20/12/2011 05:07, Matthew Brush a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> Is anyone opposed to me committing the trivial patch attached here.  The
>> comment I think describes it well enough, and if you're using recent
>> GTK+ 2.24.x you probably already know about it.
>> I didn't want to commit without asking since maybe some people will find
>> this new "feature"[1][2] useful, I personally find it extremely
>> annoying, but I wouldn't want to fix it at the expense of annoying others.
> While I agree the recent list is not useful most of the time (probably
> even annoying since I don't know that dir) for me either, I doubt $HOME
> is really best.
> I see 2 alternative, and I think better, choices:
> 1) use the basedir of the currently opened file;
> 2) use the "current dir" (e.g. dir from where Geany was started) [1].
>    AFAIK this will be $HOME for panel/shell-launched apps.
> And maybe add an hidden option in case ppl actually like the GTK feature?

Hum, actually we already have a setting allowing the user to choose the
directory to show by default in the open dialog (general -> startup ->
startup folder), so annoyed user can easily change the default.

OTOH, while I personally don't like the feature very much and still
thinks such a change shouldn't have happened in GTK2 as it did, I don't
find really comfortable working this around.
IMHO, if this really annoys people, the GTK guys should either revert
the patch or add a GtkSetting for whether to use it or not.  It'd fix
the thing for all apps, and wouldn't require ugly workarounds.

So I'd finally vote against applying the patch, since we do actually
have a quite easy way to work it around that's IMO better than the patch.


> Cheers,
> Colomban
> [1] maybe not on Windows where I think the "current dir" is always the
> binary location?
>> Cheers,
>> Matthew Brush
>> [1]
>> https://live.gnome.org/DocumentCentricGnome/Help%20the%20user%20choose%20a%20place%20to%20put%20a%20new%20file
>> [2] I think we can safely assume Geany users (ie. programmers) already
>> know how to manage files :)
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