Greg and I really enjoyed the show this last weekend at Tinely Park.  (On a
personal note, it was the best show we did in selling Phelsuma.  We did
better here in sales than we ever did at all the years we went to the
National Reptile Breeders Expo.)  NARBC really catered to the vendors with
more hours to set-up, no delays getting in the doors, security, and ease of
checking in.  Bob Ashley went out of his way to make the Global Gecko
Association feel welcome.  Tony Gamble had a great talk, Yuri Huta previewed
an upcoming resource on the web, and Jodi's talk about Fat Tails really
caused a shopping rush for the gecko at Saturday's show. Greg and I talked
about, well you guess it, Phelsuma, and we gave many the first glimpse at
two newly named Phelsuma species.

The GGA will get a better jump on speakers for next year so more people will
know to attend.  I look forward to being there again.


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> Double thanks for all the work y'all did. I'm glad it all went well.  I
> was hoping to be able to attend this year.
> Any comments on the show?
> > Hello,
> > I want to thank Leann and Greg Christenson and Jodi Aherns for
> > setting up the gecko talks in Chicago this year.  I had a blast and it
> > was great to see so many familiar faces. Keep up the good work guys!
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