Being transgender is not an "ideology" or a matter of "sexual confusion", and many people detransition because they cannot fit into the binary gender expectations of our society.

This is a cissexist post that contains language offensive to many trans people (including myself). I am surprised to see it approved on the Gendergap list (which I just joined recently).

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On 1/10/17 12:12 PM, Carol Moore dc wrote:
And if you think that's complicated, wait til all those transwomen and transmen start detransitioning back to their "natal sex." (Especially lesbians who decide that they've been pressured by sex stereotypes and society to reject their butch nature and want it back.)

A topic that probably will be covered more in the future than here:

One bio where this sort of thing might be relevant is where Alexis' well known sister and brother (as well as boyfriend) stated to RS that Arquette was beginning to reject the ideology and even to "detransition." So if someone decided to take on that, obviously it would be an interesting discussion of RS, rumor, accuracy of sources, etc.

Of course, detransitioning will be more in the younger generation of notable personalities. Older generations often had decades to think about it before they took concrete transitioning steps. (Though lots of RS keep waiting for Caitlyn Jenner to do it so they can make money covering that side of the story.)

Today a lot of sexually confused young people have been led into it by advocacy groups, school counselors, doctors - and even parents who would prefer their child be of the opposite sex (sometimes because they are terrified otherwise the child will be gay!)

Then as they go into their late teens and early 20s they are becoming more independent and able to judge how much others influenced them. Some already are considering lawsuits against schools and advocacy groups they feel pushed them into a decision they now regret.

So this is a whole new area with lots of personal accounts and mainstream RS sources, though I'm sure it may be a while before anyone safely could expand that section of the article, create a new article, or write much about detransitioning celebrities.

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