Hi everyone,

The infrastructure team has set up the gump team with a new, beefier, virtual machine (100GB space, 1.5GB memory, 2 processors) to replace vmgump. I've been busy setting it up:


Doing the setup took me about 3 hours (less than I expected), with most of the time spent on keeping detailed notes and triple-checking I wasn't losing key data, and because I took the time to clean up a bunch of things.

What's interesting about this wiki page is that, since we kept a detailed install log when we went from brutus to the current vmgump, between this one and the previous one, it now clearly shows all the steps you need to take when migrating an installation.

Some of the changes include:

  * using Ubuntu Feisty instead of Debian Testing
  * gump goes under /srv/gump instead of /usr/local
  * mono upgraded to 1.2.4
* moved to use JDK 1.6 (!!!), though we can switch back to 1.5 easily enough
  * didn't bother installing the gump3 bits
* removing artifacts from ~/.ivy, ~/.maven, ~/.m2 that are over a week old

To avoid confusion that we'd get with DNS switchover and the like, I've already disabled the gump run on the current vmgump machine. This means there will be no gump notifications for a day or two.

I just kicked off a test run; hopefully you will be able to see results in a few hours at

(right now it's still displaying reports copied over from the old vmgump). This first run will take quite a bit of time since I didn't sync over CVS/SVN checkouts. If the run completes successfully, we can switch over DNS/IP to the new vm, and I'll be enabling the cronjob so we have 'official' runs again.


Leo Simons

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