On Jun 18, 2010, at 10:15 AM, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> Hi,
> I just wanted to share a few plans I have short/midterm.  Feel free to
> comment, pick tasks or add wishes.
> Honestly I have no idea how we could deal with the ever increasing build
> times as Gump grows, apart from some sort of distributed Gump which I
> wouldn't want to build on top of the current code base (I'd rather think
> in a tuple spaces architecture like Mnesia and Erlang or JavaSpaces and
> anything on the VM).

When I come back from vacation, we'll be pressing into service a dual quad core 
Apple Xserve with 6Gb of memory.  This would allow for a little more 
concurrency than we can do on the Zone or VM... of course we'd have to be able 
to address all of those cores.  Wonder whether Python has glue for Grand 
Central Dispatch? 


> mvnrepoproxy:
>  - move the mapping of URL prefix to real repository into a properties
>    file passed in on the command line.  This way we can maintain the
>    list of repositories we proxy in a single place which would create
>    the properties and mvn settings files.
> Python:
> - go further with generalizing outputs, add POM as a type of output
> - allow outputs of different types to share the same id (jar and POM
>   for example)
> - only publish POMs and JARs to the proxy
> - maybe add a mvn-install builder to simplify things like the camel-pom
>   where the ids could be taken from the project/workspace and the
>   version might even be read from the POM directly.
> - maybe add a RAT builder
> - generalize junitreport so it can be used to publish other types of
>   reports (like RAT's)
> Metadata:
> - ask the Forrest and Lenya communities which parts of Cocoon 2.x they
>   need, remove the Cocoon reactor and only build the parts needed,
>   finally start building Forrest and Lenya again.
> - regularly publish POMs with the JARs so depending projects will pick
>   up the new POMs as well as the new code.
> - split the Axis2 reactor.  Reactor builds are simpler to maintain but
>   fail for too many reasons IMHO.
> - the next logical projects to add (judging from dependencies
>   downloaded by Maven) would be XBean (somewhere in Geronimo) and
>   Felix.  I'm afraid Felix and OSGi would mean a whole new can of
>   worms, though.
> - try to get some communities engaged again, in particular it would be
>   nice if we could get the Velocity and Portals communities to sort out
>   the Velocity bridge problem.
>   I'm not sure I have the energy required to do that right now.
> Stefan
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