Hi all,

there is an updated version of the branding requirements[1] and I just
went through it.  There is one thing left from the checklist and some
things have changed.

What has changed is that the project name in the description has to be
used as an adjective rather than a noun.  My problem with the example is
that if I translate "The Apache Xerces XML parsing library" to German
"Apache Xerces" remains a noun so I'm not really sure I actually
understand the concept of adjectives in the English language 8-)

It seems that we need to combine Apache Gump with some extra noun(s).

Right now we have "Apache Gump is the oldest continuous integration tool
of the Apache Sofware Foundation." and I propose to change it to "The
Apache Gump continuous integration tool was the first one used at the
Apache Software Foundation.".  Does that seem correct?

What hasn't changed is that the license link should go to the folder
holding all versions of the AL rather than to the 2.0 version directly -
I'll change that over the weekend.

I think we cover all the rest of the requirements - but I'll double
check - except for our logos that need "TM" symbols.  I'm still not
capable of doing any artwork so please, who ever feels like using Gimp
or Photoshop or Paint, you are more than welcome to TMify the bench
logos (the one on our main site as well as the one on our reports).


[1] http://www.apache.org/foundation/marks/pmcs

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