On 2011-06-03, sebb wrote:

> On 3 June 2011 07:58, Stefan Bodewig <bode...@apache.org> wrote:
>> Hi all,

>> there is an updated version of the branding requirements[1] and I just
>> went through it.  There is one thing left from the checklist and some
>> things have changed.

>> What has changed is that the project name in the description has to be
>> used as an adjective rather than a noun.  My problem with the example is
>> that if I translate "The Apache Xerces XML parsing library" to German
>> "Apache Xerces" remains a noun so I'm not really sure I actually
>> understand the concept of adjectives in the English language 8-)

> The noun in this case is "library".
> Apache Xerces is here being used as a qualifier.

>> It seems that we need to combine Apache Gump with some extra noun(s).

>> Right now we have "Apache Gump is the oldest continuous integration tool
>> of the Apache Sofware Foundation." and I propose to change it to "The
>> Apache Gump continuous integration tool was the first one used at the
>> Apache Software Foundation.".  Does that seem correct?

> Seems fine to me.

Thank you.


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