Linux never was on hg, so the comparison doesn't fit.

To be more clear: I'm not concerned that GIT cannot handle the NetBeans repo 

But we cannot guarantee yet that the import from hg to GIT doesn't loose 
important information or works at all.

Another  goal is to figure out if binaries got committed in the past. That 
would blow up the repo size but don't help us. Actually we might even be 
forbidden to have those binaries in our repo at the ASF... 


> On Monday, 19 September 2016, 16:08, Emmanuel Lécharny <> 
> wrote:
> > Le 19/09/16 à 15:16, Mark Struberg a écrit :
>>  To be honest: I was a bit worried when the github import blew up. That was 
> actually the main reason why I started a local import.
> Beside playing with the import tools for your own interest, I seriously
> doubt that importing the netbeans code base on our infrastructure could
> be an issue. Linux which is very likely to be a way bigger code base is
> already on git...
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