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> > Hi all,
> >
> > Can we be specific about what info is needed, or what further details
> > specifically, before going into a vote for acceptance of the proposal?
> My
> > concern is that each question we answer is answered by further
> questions to
> > answer. Maybe we could do a phone conference with the NetBeans
> > infrastructure side together with the Apache infrastructure side.
> Maybe we
> > can work through the infrastructure challenges during incubation.
> >
> Generally speaking, Apache would prefer to slow things down and use a
> mailing list, rather than to have a phone conference. The email is
> documented for everybody to review, to participate, and to record for
> future examination. A phone conference probably wouldn't resolve many
> questions/concerns anyway, simply because much of that comes from
> considered thought. A phone call is "THINK NOW. RESPOND. OOPS. MISSED
> CHANCE." ... Mailing lists give people time to think.
> There is no rush, no dates, no deadlines at the ASF. It may take longer
> via
> mailing lists, but it means that the larger community can be involved,
> can
> review, and can be archived.
> If one question turns into three ... well, that is deliberation. As
> David
> noted else-thread, we rarely get such a large, well-established
> community
> arriving at the Incubator. That necessitates a bit more inquiry than
> most
> other entrants receive. Layers of the onion get peeled, and new
> questions
> arrive. More layers unpeeled ...
> And to point to the elephant in the room: I bet there are people
> concerned
> given the recent misadventures of AOO [and Oracle's donations of these
> two
> projects]. Personally, I think it is hogwash, and don't believe any
> concern
> applies here, as the communities and the userbase are very different.
> BUT,
> temporally, there is a conflation of the donations of these two
> projects. I
> suspect that will cause a few people to slow down and ask more
> questions.
> Cheers,
> -g

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