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>> We also need to check whether the author and contributor flags are
>> properly moved over by the import. We don't like to loose any IP
>> provenance... Etc, etc.
> Isn't IP provenance reset by the SGA?  It was for Adobe Flex.  Only a
> couple of committers came in with the 10 year old code base.  Everyone
> else had moved on, but because all were employees of Adobe, it didn't
> matter.  The log just says that someone from Adobe made a commit, not who.

NB has a contributor agreement too, and so to contribute we all had to sign one 
assigning IP to Oracle (same for Sun when they were around).


“If this is your first code submission to netbeans.org, you must fill in a 
Contributor Agreement - see the CA Policy 
<http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oca-faq-405384.pdf> page for more info.”


“You must have filled in a Contributor Agreement - see the CA Policy 
<http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oca-faq-405384.pdf> page for more info. No 
code can be committed until a CA is completed.”





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