Yeah, RE: the below (sorry for top post), this already came up in the Creadur 
and I encouraged them to contribute to DRAT and told them we’re welcoming. That 
said, I don’t 
want Creadur to be an umbrella project, and frankly DRAT *uses* RAT, but is not 
a fundamental part of 
Creadur and Vice-Versa. In 2 months, we could use NexB scancode [1]. Not saying 
we are 
going to, but the point is DRAT adds tremendous features well beyond what RAT 
does (
full D3 interactive output, interactive cockpit for auditing, incremental 
progress, archival of
audit logs, search of audit logs, etc etc.)

So, while we acknowledge and are thankful to build on top of these great Apache 
I would expect those communities and contributors to contribute to DRAT and 
earn their
merit the same way folks would anywhere else.

It’s probably also worth noting that DRAT has already been presented at 
ApacheCon, see
this talk [2], and that talk led to this PR (from an Apache member) [3] to 
upgrade RAT,
etc etc. 



On 8/10/17, 5:44 AM, "Greg Stein" <> wrote:

    On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 6:46 AM, Shane Curcuru <> 
    > (note mixed private/public lists)
    > General questions, since... we haven't actually had any discussion yet.
    > - Is there a particular hurry to bring this to pTLP faster than the
    > traditional general@incubator discussion period is?
    Didn't realize there were rules about TLPs needing to drop by the
    Incubator. Or that timelines were required.
    Seems this is simply a TLP resolution proposed to the Board, and the
    Incubator has zero input or concern on what DRAT is asking from the Board.
    > - Has the Apache Creadur project been consulted about the new project
    > proposal, and in particular do they have any comments on using DRAT as
    > the name, which subsumes their popular Rat name?
    These are not the same communities. The Foundation should not "force" them
    to work together.
    They might logically make sense together, but the *communities* are
    disjoint. There is zero reason for those communities to be lumped together.
    In fact, it was the disjoint communities under an umbrella project that
    spearheaded the Foundation's "blow up umbrellas" campaign a decade ago.
    Communities define groupings. Not topic.
    And does the DRAT acronym really impose on what the Creadur people are
    doing with their Rat tool? Meh. That's a stretch.

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