> The only people who can fix these things is Sun. This mailing list
> sounds
> like a black hole and these types of politics usually don't work against
> Sun
> (neither do online polls)...
> The way to get Sun's attention is to corner them into a hole and then
> pound
> on their head for a few years. Then, if you are lucky, you might get
> them to
> concede on an issue or two so that only you will be happy.

I hope that Sun will recall from its previous mistakes, like
putting Solaris in OSS just when Linux was so widely used on Unix
boxes that it became a de-facto reference in business even considered
by IT.

May be they will wake-up when MS .NET will start to populate
70% of the Web Services of the Planet, at that time they'll propose 
Java to OSS.

But before doing that, they could try to just put some importants
API like javamail, jta, jndi, jdbc2ext back to OSS as they do for
servlets. Nota, that these APIs are mandatory to build and use 
the ASF Tomcat 4.0, which make me and others pretty bad.

Frankly Sun should learn from IBM model and start to sell services
instead of just software.

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