On Thu, 18 Dec 2003, Danny Angus wrote:

> > Do you feel that we'll still be an open source organization in more than
> > name if all decisions end up being made on private PMC lists not open to
> the
> > public?
> For the record I'm in favour of transacting business HERE.
> But I would like to respond by saying that as I understand it it is the
> source and the development of it which is open, not the organisation.
> So of course we would still be, like MySQL and JBOSS and so many other
> commercial/open hybrids.
> OTOH I don't think I'd like participating as much if decisions were imposed
> by the secret handshakes and arcane knowledge department.
> From what I can see there is no conspiracy here, just some lack of
> consideration by people starting threads on the PMC list which would be
> better off here.

Agreed. Andy's highlighted the issue and I'm sure there'll be more
aggressiveness on pushing threads that don't need to remain closed to this
open forum.


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