I'm not asking for a change, I only see a lot of mails again and again about the board asking for more insight into the working of jakarta.
Same with the whole jakarta-commons & apache-commons discussion.

If this can be solved by just doing some paperwork (writing down who is supervising what) then just do that and move on.
I'm sure we can find enough people to create the project PMCs and every "java" member would be on the "Jakarta Community" PMC to guide the cross project guidelines/resources (from a java community perspective).

Everything will remain the same like it is today only the board will get more info about the state of each project.

If a project wants their own hostname/website then let them.
For log4j it makes sense because of the multi language aspect, or for mega projects like geronimo but otherwise...


Ted Husted wrote:
To do this, each product would simply need to draft a resolution to create the PMC and select a chair, and ask that it be placed on the board's agenda for the next meeting, just as Log4J and the others did. It would be very important that each product do this themselves, to help show they are ready for self-management.

Essentially, each product would still be a TLP, but would just be hosted at Jakarta.

This option has always been available, it's just that every product since Ant has chosen to have their own hostname and website.

It's also important to remember that some of these products, like Log4J, are not just about Java anymore. The Apache Logging project will have compatible codebases available for half-a-dozen platforms. (Now *that's* community building!)


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