1) s/product/sub-project/

2) I don't know what 'hosted at Jakarta' means. The CVS repositories are ASF respositories - there is no hierarchy grouping them as 'jakarta'. As for using the Jakarta website, the Jakarta community would be responsible for it, and thus they will decide on it's content. IOW, ASF projects that the Jakarta community has no oversight or responsibility for will be able to be a part of the Jakarta site at their pleasure. It's simply common sense.


On Dec 18, 2003, at 5:45 PM, Ted Husted wrote:

To do this, each product would simply need to draft a resolution to create the PMC and select a chair, and ask that it be placed on the board's agenda for the next meeting, just as Log4J and the others did. It would be very important that each product do this themselves, to help show they are ready for self-management.

Essentially, each product would still be a TLP, but would just be hosted at Jakarta.

This option has always been available, it's just that every product since Ant has chosen to have their own hostname and website.

It's also important to remember that some of these products, like Log4J, are not just about Java anymore. The Apache Logging project will have compatible codebases available for half-a-dozen platforms. (Now *that's* community building!)


Dirk Verbeeck wrote:
If this is acceptable by the board then it's the ideal solution.
No changes to the email/website structure, jakarta remains the center of the apache java development with a shared announcement list, general list, news and download pages, ...
The only change is that the board gets a list of members overseeing each project (=PMC) and additionally a "Jakarta Community" project building a java community at Apache. (assisting the java projects)
The board will not get one big report from jakarta but many small ones and can see witch (sub)projects needs more members.
Of course many members will be joining multiple PMCs.
Is this possible?
-- Dirk
Noel J. Bergman wrote:
There is a difference between a hierarchy and a confederation. There is
absolutely nothing that says that we cannot have:

  Jakarta PMC: responsible for jakarta-site/jakarta-site2
  Tomcat PMC: tomcat and related code
  Struts PMC: struts and related code
  Jakarta Commons PMC: ...
  Tapestry PMC: ...

All without a single change to the Jakarta domain.

No one should feel that there is any relationship between the Foundation's
legal structure, and e-mail/web addresses. We have had this confirmed
already by both Greg and Sam. The above *is* an acceptable solution to the
Board. The question is whether or not it is an acceptable one to us.

--- Noel
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