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For the record I'm in favour of transacting business HERE.
But I would like to respond by saying that as I understand it it is the
source and the development of it which is open, not the organisation.

As a committer I would like to know what's going on with the origanization. I can understand certain
private conversations that involve legal implications, but anything else, I think, should be out in
the open to do justice to the committers. It seems like there is some talk going on about the
Jakarta banner in private that I have no clue about. I would appreciate the knowledge sharing in
such metters.

That's just as I see it. Discussions should definetly take place HERE.

That's the point of getting as many people as are seriously interested in the subject on the PMC. Then all can participate, and if we discuss something sensitive (as defined by the discusser), it doesn't all have to be on Google.


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