Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> Tetsuya Kitahata wrote:
> > Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
> > > Here in Jakarta (as well as other projects, I assume), the sub-projects
> > > do committer votes in public.  Some people outside of Jakarta feel that
> > > this is improper, and should be done in private to ensure that open
> > > discussion can happen in a way that doesn't hurt peoples feelings.
> > Well, I think it that vote jakartan-way (to vote new committers in)
> > is reasonable as well as the way other (single projects -- which do
> > not have many subprojects under their umbrella) projects had chosen is.
> Once the PMC situation is squared away by any of a few approaches, there
> should be no reason to hold Committer or PMC Member votes in public.

Makes sense. Thanks.

I'd subscribed to all the -dev lists and downloaded all the 
archive messages from**.

I found it that if PMC situation would be squared away, PMC
list could take over the place for committer votes, too.
I had a stats of the contributors' messages and sometimes felt
"I do want to vote him/her in to XX subproject if I were a committer
of this (sub)project" where I am not a committer nor a PMC Member.
(So, I often did "non-binding" votes -- +1 to excellent
persons ... Right? >> Adam @ gump)

I think you folks can choose the appropriate persons for the 
jakarta-committership, granted you won't hold Committer votes
in public. -- I remember that one of the ASF members has already
invented nice voting machine program @ minotaur (wrapper program
for qmail, if i remember correctly) -- Maybe you/we will be able
to make use of it (Then, PMC list's traffic won't be increased).

Hope this helps.


-- Tetsuya. ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

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