method pointers? closures?

Is anybody going to suggest self-modifying java assembler code as a language feature?
Is the goal to break Java and render it useless?

In my opinion we can live without closures.
You didn't have to attach "for a bit longer".

Jim Moore wrote:

The way that most modern languages handle what C used to do with
method-pointers is with closures.  Exactly what that means for a language
like Java is being experimented with in places like Groovy.  Much like how
entity beans are a joke -- giving all of J2EE a big black eye -- and the
standard is moving over to what actually has been proven to work (a-la
Hibernate), I agree with Dain that I don't really trust Sun to get it right
yet; I'd rather see "real-life" solutions for a while before it gets mixed
into the platform...  We've lived with XDoclet before getting annotations,
and libs for doing "enums" before JDK1.5, we can live without closures for a
bit longer.  (Said by someone who hates to leave Ruby and Python for Java
largely because Java doesn't have closures.)

-Jim Moore

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