Henri Yandell schrieb:
Back on a kick to clean up the site a bit more.

 1. Remove the faqs page. It's getting low on content.


 2. Vendor support. This is getting increasingly threadbare - so
raising the removal of this again. Content to be moved to the Wiki.


 3. Removal of the JSPA Agreement link. It's very dated - however
there are a few historical sites linking to the page, so I'd not
remove the page yet.


 4. Acknowledgements.  I don't think we need to link to this.

+0 (i.e. I don't care)

 5. Translation sites. They can't keep up, time to go I think.


 6. Reference Library. Move this to the Wiki.


 7. 'Jakarta Webmaster' link from the contact us page.



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