On 12/3/06, Henri Yandell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  1. Remove the faqs page. It's getting low on content.


  2. Vendor support. This is getting increasingly threadbare - so
raising the removal of this again. Content to be moved to the Wiki.


  3. Removal of the JSPA Agreement link. It's very dated - however
there are a few historical sites linking to the page, so I'd not
remove the page yet.

+1 to not removing it.  +1 to putting a big bold notice at the top of
the page saying this page is deprecated and slated for removal.  We'll
leave the notice up there a while.

  4. Acknowledgements.  I don't think we need to link to this.


  5. Translation sites. They can't keep up, time to go I think.

Mmm, this is the only item I have a bit of an issue with.  The
translators are volunteers jut like us, and their efforts, even if
incomplete, are hugely valuable to those people with lower mastery of
English.  I'd hate to remove these links.  +1 to putting up a notice
on the site that these links are maintained by volunteers, are not
ASF/official, and may be out of date.  -0 to removing the links

  6. Reference Library. Move this to the Wiki.


  7. 'Jakarta Webmaster' link from the contact us page.



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