On 12/15/06, Andrew C. Oliver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

You are of course misrepresenting the issue but okay.  It is also
because of the legal issues.  Go read the archive and provide a good
faith assertion rather than making an assumption.  If YOU want to work
on POI please submit some patches and following that should you wish to
be a committer then respond that you are not now and have never been
bound by a microsoft NDA regarding the file formats.

what is your interest here?  Do you have nothing better to do?

It should be pretty obvious what Martin's interest is - making sure
Jakarta is running correctly.

Your request that a committer state that they have/are not bound by a
microsoft NDA is ignorable as you're just speaking for yourself
personally and not for the ASF or Jakarta. It's meaningless and a sign
that things are not correct in POI.


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