Andrew C. Oliver wrote:
> Hey I have an idea!  If it doesn't pass this time we can call another
> vote right before the next holiday and hope that none of the POI PMC
> members are around...  Then 3 months later do it again.

This is a different vote. This one is specific about POI. The previous vote was 
about opening the
whole of Jakarta and if certain projects had objections they could state that.
And when I do things is up to me, you don't own my time, as much as I don't own 
your time. The main
problem here is that (correcting you here) Jakarta PMC Members that represent 
POI are not around
when they need to do their job of giving oversight.
Stop blaming others (in this case me and Henri) and start looking in the right 
My intentions here are good, hence the reason why the vote was so "generic" 
(just opening up svn
karma), so POI can leave the Island and is willing to accept help from our 
other Jakarta folks. That
opposed to state to the board that I cannot be responsible for POI anymore.

Currently I just see you screaming and shouting, instead of giving useful 
feedback. And pointing to
the legal issues that you think merits the svn karma limitation : Since you are 
not appointed by the
board to handle POI's legal issues (if they even are there), you should send 
and inform the PMC of
the history, reasoning and records that you have, so the proper person (in this 
case I was appointed
for Jakarta) can take that info to the board and discuss the situation and get 
an official position
on that.

> -1 (because my votes don't seem to be counted and Henri will make up
> backstory for me)

Your because isn't much of a reason, since your vote was counted and as you can 
see in this vote:
SVN permission stayed closed. The problem here is that the reasons that were 
given at that time,
don't seem to apply (which is something I learned at Apachecon), hence the new 

What you mean by Henri making up backstory for you, I don't know exactly, but 
he just states the way
he knows / heard, so if he is wrong, please share the truth with us.


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