On 12/15/06, Andrew C. Oliver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hey I have an idea!  If it doesn't pass this time we can call another
vote right before the next holiday and hope that none of the POI PMC
members are around...  Then 3 months later do it again.

Reasoning being that Martin has done the same thing I did - asked
legal vp and secretary if they know anything about the need for POI to
be legally special and they don't.

The Harmony case is very cool to see - I suggest we copy what they're
doing (questionnaire that is then stored in the private pmc

-1 (because my votes don't seem to be counted and Henri will make up
backstory for me)

Your vote definitely counts - which one did I ignore?

My apologies if I've screwed the backstory up - I'd very much like to
know which parts.


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