Sam Ruby wrote:
> Ben Coman wrote:
> >
> > Some "used by" tables might also be useful to show how projects relate
> > to one another.
> > eg.
> >
> > Xerces
> >   + Xalan (i'm guessing, its not obvious on the site, but it seems like
> > Xerces would need to parse XML to work)
> >
> > Cocoon
> >   + Xalan
> >   + Xerces
> >     + Xalan
> >   + Batik
> >
> > actually, i'd be happy to do it if i knew more about what the content
> > was - a useful reason to download batik and play with it.
> See:
> If you want to see any particular projects dependencies, and the current
> build/regression test (if any) for that project, simply click on that
> project's name.

Just one comment: having the information "somewhere" doesn't
automatically imply that people visiting will find it.
Nor that it is useful for them even if they do.

Ben is not asking for more info on the project dependancies, but he is
suggesting that we create a visual "software map" that is *immediate*
for users to find, read and understand. Possibly with links to the
project home pages to simplify the discovery of things.

Now, imagine a newcomer getting into how in hell is
she/he going to find out

I mean, even if there was a link from the homepage, why in hell should I
go to jakarta.apache to find out cross references about xml.apache?
she/he might even think of a mistake and avoid looking into it.

Please, for the new site, let's try to make it "usable", not just dense
of information.

Sam: sorry for appearing somewhat harsh on this, but your comment
sounded to me a lot like those famous one-liner comments that irritate
people rather than giving some information to them.

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