maillog: 19/06/2006-11:13:33(+0000): Alec Warner types
> Portage currently exports $KV as the current kernel version.  We detect 
> this by attempting to mess around with the things in /usr/src/linux 
> (.config, make files, etc...)
> This is duplicating the superb efforts of the kernel team and of 
> linux-info eclass.  As such I would like to deprecate $KV in favor of 
> using linux-info eclass.  I don't see the need for portage to export $KV 
> into the environment for all packages.
> There are a few packages left that use this.  There will be a tracker 
> bug shortly.  Mostly this mail is just a heads up ;)

But any kind of checks against something in $KERNEL_DIR are just wrong,
wrong, wrong. The only exception being when the ebuild is building
something *against* those sources (kernel modules, and that's it).

It's annoying to have virtual/linux-sources pulled as a dep of gnupg,
iptables or any other package that can do fine without them.

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