On 12/30/07, Mark Loeser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> This is a very very rough draft/question about how we should move
> forward with USE flag documentation and specification.  The entire idea
> of a single USE flag having different meanings will need to be revisted
> later.  I just want to get an idea of how we can document these
> different meanings.  Please read my ideas here:
> http://dev.gentoo.org/~halcy0n/gleps/glep-0054.html
> Let me know if you like any of those ideas, or if they all suck (and if
> they do, you better tell me why).  I'm not sure which is the best way
> forward, which is why I want everyone to contribute towards the best
> solution moving forward.  I really don't want to be stuck with something
> that is going to end up being a pain a year down the road.
> Thanks,

One of the GLEP's primary goals is to provide a global use flag
definition and over-ride
it with a local definition.  How does putting all flags in use.desc
and over-riding local flags in
use.local.desc not accomplish this?

How does the glep intend to handle USE_EXPAND?
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