Doug Klima <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
> Marius Mauch wrote:
>> What benefit does use.xml have over use.desc?
>> My opinion is that we should use use.desc for a complete list of use
>> flags, including a generic description, allow a more verbose
>> description in metadata.xml and get rid of the stupid separation of
>> "local" and "global" flags. No need to change the format of use.desc
>> though.
> I completely agree with this. This allows each individual package to 
> provide more insight to what a USE flag does.

This sounds sane to me as well.  As I said, I'm just throwing ideas out
there to see what sticks :)

>> The only benefit use.local.desc gives us is a fast way to list packages
>> using some flags, but that's unreliable at best. If needed such a list
>> could be autogenerated.

Completely agree.

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