Steve Long wrote:
> My apologies if I caused you any offense, Joe. I fully agree that choosing
> not to have children is just as mature as deciding to procreate, and more
> mature than simply drifting into parenthood.

No offense taken, and I agree about the "drifting into" thing.  My
wife's brother asked why we are not having kids, and she asked him, in
turn, why he had kids.  His answer was simply, "Because it's what you
do."  I would have rather he said, "Because I want to be a parent."

> I suppose what I am getting at is the idea that there are others in Gentoo
> besides young single males. A responsible parent or a committed spouse has
> a very different perspective to a teenager. Certainly my perspective now at
> 37 is vastly different to when I was 18. Parenthood changed a great deal,
> as did the earlier process of committing to marriage.

Yep, and I'm one of the "older" devs here too (in fact, I've got you
beat at 43!).  Good to have a mix of ages, interests, and types of
people, I think.  And ashame we don't have more women.

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