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> Consider this your first and last warning from Userrel.

FWIW... at least on gmane, that appears as a response to aballier (gentoo 
dev), with references headers indicating the same thing, but given that 
(1) there was no attribution or quote so it's not possible to say who it 
was intended for directly, (2) I didn't see what was offensive in his 
post, and (3) that the warning was from userrel not devrel, I believe the 
warning was intended for someone other than the direct parent (my 
grandparent) poster.

IOW, aballier may be very confused right about now... I know I was but at 
least it's not my posts in the balance like his appear to be, while 
someone else (my public attempt at a guess who wouldn't help) may be 
missing a warning they need to see (tho hopefully they got the message in 
any case).

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