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> Guys, please remember that if you work something around, you should
> _not_ close the bug as RESO FIXED but keep the bug open so that the
> issue can be addressed and fixed _properly_. Otherwise we'll end up
> with ebuilds full of workarounds without even documentation on why the
> workaround is applied!
> With workarounds I mean, as examples:

*                              *
*                              * 
> - FEATURES=test failures;
*                              *
*                              *


The next person who closes testsuite failures as invalid or upstream
gets to meet my frozen boot.  If a test fails, fix it.  If it fails
because of portage or Gentoo-specific reasons that can't be fixed then

Everybody is crowing about making src_test enabled by default, yet I
still had 2 out of 3 build failures on my last tinderbox adventure
caused by known, reported, and unfixed testsuite problems.

> - broken parallel make that requires -j1;
> - flags filtering, included -Wl,--no-as-needed appending
> This is important because:
> a) we want test to work or get fixed upstream;
> b) we want users to get parallel build if they request parallel build;
> c) we want --as-needed to be used, not ignored.
> If the bug is open and comes out on searches and all the rest, then we
> have higher chances that someone might _fix_ it, without having to
> look to see if there actually is one...
> Thanks!

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