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>  > > - FEATURES=test failures;
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>  And what we are supposed to do if upstream states that tests are not
>  supposed to be ran on users systems and exists for package development
>  only? For example one upstream states that the purpose of tests is to
>  test integrity of the program itself and not program's environment and
>  he (upstream) is pretty sure that program works as designed...

I assume the upstream developer does not test on the range of hardware
that we have (he certainly doesn't test on mine) and so I think the
tests would remain useful.

>  Also relevant question: some tests require root privileges. What we
>  should do in such case?

I think a reasonable course of action would be a multi-pronged approach.

1.  File a bug against portage detailing why the current facilities
(such as RESTRICT) are not meeting your needs.  Bonus points if you
list some ideas that do meet your needs.
2. Add RESTRICT="test" to these packages; with some sort of comment or
identifier as to why

RESTRICT="test" # tests require root access for reason Y, see bug #XXXXXX

3.  If reason Y is silly, attempt to engage upstream to make the tests
run as a normal user.

Note that a bug may already be filed against portage for this; I don't
actually know.

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