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>> Also relevant question: some tests require root privileges. What we
>> should do in such case?
> When I asked this previously I was told to check the current user's
> permissions before running them.  I haven't had a case where I've had
> to though.

On libarchive there has been some tests requiring root privileges; the
temporary way out was to disable those tests, and the final way out has
been working with upstream so that the testsuite itself detects whether
you have root privileges or not and decides to skip the tests that
cannot be applied.

Just to say.

In general I think it makes sense to be able to run _most_ of the tests
as user, and discard the ones that cannot be run without root privileges
(I expect most software not to require root privileges for the tests,
it's silly to unless you need to work with file permissions or stuff
like that).

Diego "Flameeyes" Pettenò

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