Marius Mauch wrote:
> By default, messages generated by elog, ewarn and eerror are recorded
> in /var/log/portage/elog/summary.log (emerge.log is just a
> transaction log, so best to ignore it here). einfo isn't recorded on
> purpose as it isn't intended for important information (that's the
> purpose of elog). There are some tools available to simplify reading
> these messages, and there several additional/alternative delivery
> modules available (by mail, IM or in package specific files),
> customizable via POTAGE_ELOG_* variables. Don't know if you just
> haven't been aware of this, or if you're asking for something
> completely different.

I'm really proposing something different - in essence, the above is to
obscure to really serve as a good official kind of readme source for
users.  There needs to be something simple and straightforward (and
well-documented) as the official thing to look at if one is having
trouble with a package.  In the case I mentioned all it took was for
that user to see the messages, but it did not occur to him that the info
would be there.  I could even imagine that einfo should be included in
what I am suggesting, since it may not be important for logging, but
might be nice to have, nonetheless.


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