Paul Varner <> posted, excerpted below, on 
Mon, 15 Dec 2008 14:10:17 -0600:

> # Paul Varner <> (14 Dec 2008) # Dead upstream,
> masked for removal in ~30 to 60 days. app-portage/udept
> Additionally, it doesn't play well with EAPI's greater than zero.
> The removal bug is Bug #250839.  If upstream comes back alive or someone
> forks and actively maintains, I will unmask or re-add to the tree.

Ouch!  This one hurts!

The main thing I use it for, and therefore the question I have about any 
useful substitute, is quickly getting a changelog when portage won't spit 
one out.  In particular, when there's a USE flag change in an existing 
package, or a downgrade, emerge --log won't output anything, because it's 
not an upgrade.  However, I find the info in such logs often useful!

Of course I can check the package category and type in the whole long 
path to the changelog and edit/head/view it by hand, but a quick dep -j 
<pkg> is a lot faster and very useful!

While I'm at it, is there anything useful to display metadata.xml?  In 
particular, the long descriptions and use flags can be useful.  With 
use.desc and especially the local version thereof going deprecated, and 
with additional info about global flags sometimes in the metadata...

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