2008/12/16 Duncan <1i5t5.dun...@cox.net>:
> FWIW, that's why I originally merged udept.  However, by that time I had
> gotten used to using a set of (local) stub scripts that added in all the
> appropriate switches, including --oneshot, so once I used udept to clean
> up the mess I had created before that, as a Gentoo noob, I was fine.  I
> didn't have to worry about using udept for that any more.
> I'd suggest a similar solution for you, either stub scripts as I use, or
> make use of EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS to put --oneshot in there.  If you use
> the latter, you can then create a stub using --ignore-default-opts
> --noreplace to add the (presumably already merged) entries to your world
> file.
> I actually use --oneshot when merging new stuff now, thus effectively
> giving me a "temporary/testing" merge option.  Then if I decide to keep
> it, I run my stub-script to add it to world, and until I either do that
> or delete it, it stays listed in the --pretend --depclean run I do
> routinely after my weekly update. =:^)
> (If you're interested in my stub scripts, mail me offlist and ask.  I can
> tarball them up and send them to you, along with a description of the
> "method to my madness."  I've considered creating a proper package for
> them as I imagine quite a few people would find it useful, but I haven't,
> yet, and in some ways, they're almost too trivial to package.  Maybe if I
> had someone else test them and tell me whether they found them useful
> enough to be worth packaging...  You may also find Steve Long's emerge
> helper script useful.  It's a bit more featureful than my stub scripts,
> which are pretty much just bare emerge wrappers.  I believe it can be
> found in the forums.)

You are right avoiding this unneeded entries in the world file in the
first place is the way to go but somehow these things slip in and then
it would be good to have something to find out about it.

Also I don't like this kind of wrapper scripts but maybe I should get
used to it. Another thing is that I have other stuff set as
EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS that I probably don't want to miss when using
--ignore-default-opts in combination with --noreplace.


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