2008/12/16 Daniel Pielmeier <daniel.pielme...@googlemail.com>:

Hm, looks like I have mixed up something here. The pruneworld option
looks for packages that _have reverse dependencies_ and thus are
probably unneeded and not the other way round

> Besides that, is there anything similar to dep --pruneworld.
> It happens to me sometimes that I forget --oneshot and packages are
> added to the world file that are not intended to be there.

So this option gives an overview over packages in world that have
reverse dependencies and thus are probably not needed. There might
still be some packages with reverse dependencies in the world file
that are intended to be there because the user wants it there, but
being presented with a list of possible unneeded packages it is more
easy to determine which are intended to be there and which are not.

> For checking the reverse dependencies of single packages there is of
> course "emerge -pv --depclean <atom>", but it is a tedious job to this
> for every entry in the world file. I hacked something together which
> runs the above command for every entry in world but this is very slow
> and dep is much faster doing this check.


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