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> Paul Varner <fuzzy...@gentoo.org> posted
> 1229371818.21630.7.ca...@txslpc1d36.wkst.vzwnet.com, excerpted below, on 
> Mon, 15 Dec 2008 14:10:17 -0600:
>> # Paul Varner <fuzzy...@gentoo.org> (14 Dec 2008) # Dead upstream,
>> masked for removal in ~30 to 60 days. app-portage/udept
>> Additionally, it doesn't play well with EAPI's greater than zero.
>> The removal bug is Bug #250839.  If upstream comes back alive or someone
>> forks and actively maintains, I will unmask or re-add to the tree.
> Ouch!  This one hurts!


I really hope someone steps up and continues maintaining this great
tool. Before EAPI's greater than zero existed this tool combined many
things I needed for daily use within one single application.

> The main thing I use it for, and therefore the question I have about any 
> useful substitute, is quickly getting a changelog when portage won't spit 
> one out.  In particular, when there's a USE flag change in an existing 
> package, or a downgrade, emerge --log won't output anything, because it's 
> not an upgrade.  However, I find the info in such logs often useful!
> Of course I can check the package category and type in the whole long 
> path to the changelog and edit/head/view it by hand, but a quick dep -j 
> <pkg> is a lot faster and very useful!
> While I'm at it, is there anything useful to display metadata.xml?  In 
> particular, the long descriptions and use flags can be useful.  With 
> use.desc and especially the local version thereof going deprecated, and 
> with additional info about global flags sometimes in the metadata...

Regarding metadata.xml there is (besides querying Willikins on IRC)
emeta. Take a look at bug 248278 [1].

[1] http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=248278

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