On Sunday 22 of March 2009 18:18:15 Ulrich Mueller wrote:
> >>>>> On Sun, 22 Mar 2009, mrness wrote:
> > Please do not apply patches that have ${P} prefix in other ebuild
> > versions than ${PV}.
> > Is that hard to create a new patch with a proper name?

> And multiply number and total size of files in ${FILESDIR}?

I guess it may be possible to drop P (or replace with PN) from patch file 
names, to make it more obvious which patches should apply with which package 

Also, I'd like Tomáš Chvátal (scarabeus) to finally propose his GLEP or just 
post it for discussion here as it's related to patch files management and 
provides naming scheme - it would address this issue as well as separate 
upstream patches from Gentoo specific ones in FILESDIR (and good thing is it's 
backward compatible and it doesn't need any EAPI revbump that would inevitably 
cause pointless discussion).


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