Le 04/09/2009 20:52, David Leverton a écrit :
Is that really a problem?

To me, it's not. :)

 I admit to not being around for the original design
decisions, but I would assume that the purpose of having LICENSE in ebuilds
is to tell users what licence the package is under (whether or not it's
accurate is a different matter), and the purpose of having the licences
themselves in the tree is so that it's easy for users to look them up and
decide whether they want to accept the conditions or not.  For that purpose,
the exact list of credits is irrelevant.

That was just an example to show that unless we go through a precise and thorough audit of all the packages we offer, the LICENSE variable is _informational_ at best.

Having tools to manipulate those variables is very misleading since users will (rightfully) assume that we've done our homework and that upstream did too.

I don't intend to stop anyone from creating new tools, but I just want us all to realize the limits of what is being done here.



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