On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 8:38 PM, Michael Higgins <li...@evolone.org> wrote:
> Yes, PORTDIR default location under /usr was a totally stupid thing.
> Please don't repeat it...

One thing all you /usr naggers forget is, that /var cannot be shared
read-only via nfs (or bind mounts in case of virtual servers). most
single-machine users probably don't care, but there is more out there
than just your workstations. so putting portage into /usr is perfectly
valid. The only thing that violates the FHS is that "Large software
packages must not use a direct subdirectory under the /usr hierarchy."
A location beneath /usr/share probably would have been more compliant.

Anyway, since i'll keep my overlays in /usr/local regardless of the
outcome this thread has, i don't care :)


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