El sáb, 16-01-2010 a las 17:16 +0530, Nirbheek Chauhan escribió:
> On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 4:41 PM, Lars Wendler <polynomia...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> >> It's just impossible to choose perfect location that suits all needs and
> >> it should stay user-configurable. So again, do not change this default
> >> we no real need another time, please.
> >
> > /usr/local is a bad choice for an ebuild-generated default. Like I said in 
> > bug
> > #253725 I don't want ebuilds to mess with stuff in /usr/local. So either 
> > remove
> > this default completely and let the user decide when setting up layman or 
> > move
> > it around.
> > The best suggestions I've read here for now were either /var/layman or
> > /usr/layman which I would have no problem with.
> >
> /me throws in /usr/share/layman
> OTOH, I really think /usr/local/layman is OK as long as it's
> runtime-generated and not added by the ebuild. That should satisfy bug
> 253725, and prevent another painful location move. It also makes sense
> from the "/usr/local is user/admin domain" since only running the
> layman tool will cause those directories to be created.

From my (layman user) point of view I am still using /usr/portage/local
for it because I prefer to have all "portage trees" in the same place.
Maybe another option could be to have a /usr/portage/overlays directory
used for "unofficial" overlays, then, layman configuration stuff (like
its make.conf and so) could be present under /etc/layman, while overlays
(sunrise, gnome...) could be installed under /usr/portage/overlays

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