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> I'd like to ask what you think in launching a site that simply clones an
> existing site is? Why take all the hard work the editors have put into
> their articles on the unofficial wiki and duplicate them on another
> site, creating TWO copies, both of which may be updated with different
> information.

Starting a wiki under the Gentoo umbrella is not about duplicating
effort. It is about providing services that we currently don't and
for which there is an apparent need.

First and foremost it is about providing developers a place for easy
(collaborative) editing of documents, so they wouldn't have to resort
to either less practical solutions within gentoo.org, or external
resources not under gentoo.org.

Secondly, this would be a good place to centralize efforts by both
users and developers to collaborate on generating, consolidating and
maintaining documentation. Currently these are scattered over a
number of places, as Dror has mentioned. We do not want to duplicate
effort, but work together to bring the various efforts as much as
possible into one place, a one-stop shop for all good and relevant
information about Gentoo.

> any site I find copying articles I've
> contributed to (and certainly the ones I wrote from scratch) will suffer
> all the wrath and abuse I can bring to it.

Then you shouldn't contribute to a wiki that has a license that
allows just that.

> An official wiki should not be used to duplicate the existing unofficial
> wiki (and I don't believe this is the intent of the developers who want
> one).

Not duplicate, but centralize and facilitate more collaboration. And
give it more recognition and better quality control. And host it on
the number one community site we have: gentoo.org, with all the
infrastructure support that entails.

Ben de Groot
Gentoo Linux Qt project lead developer

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