George Prowse posted on Mon, 12 Apr 2010 14:13:31 +0100 as excerpted:

> If you are arguing that the name is ambiguous then I think you are
> wrong. Gentoo knows about the unofficial wiki and knows it's mission is
> to help Gentoo and not to hinder it. Gentoo hardly makes a habit of
> Apple-like litigation when trying to protect it's logo.

... Which was basically my point, up-thread.  Gentoo has trademarks and 
etc, and if it decided to "go Apple" (or nuclear, the term I'd have used) 
on the unofficial wiki (among other sites), it could.  But that'd be a 
very bad situation for everyone involved, not just for the wiki, but for 
Gentoo as well.

Other than that, Gentoo doesn't control the independent and unofficial 
gentoo-wiki, and thus doesn't feel comfortable linking to it.  Quite 
reasonable, I think.

Actually, this whole sub-thread about whether they're abiding by the 
current policy or not, then, wasn't my intent, and was in fact entirely 

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